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Search Engine Optimisation

searchIn any business, in any industry, SEO is a process that you have to consider as part of your online strategy. As marketplaces become more and more competitive, standing out from the crowd becomes increasingly difficult. Developing and implementing a long-term SEO strategy can prove extremely rewarding by capturing masses of ever-increasing web traffic to your site... For FREE!

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  • Gain more visitors to your website
  • Rank for a wider range of keywords
  • Be found by your target audience
  • Maximise visibility in the search engines
  • Cost effective long term positioning
  • Measurable results
  • Fixed costs


After having terrible experiences from two previous SEO companies, I felt a bit loss as to what to do in terms of my SEO requirements. I approached Clubnet Search Marketing in order to try put things back in order and was very pleasantly surprised with them.

Geoff not only provided us wit...

Pay Per Click

searchIn many industries, competition is fierce and achieving sustainable results can take months and sometimes even years when relying on an SEO strategy for organic ranking success. Consider PPC for instant results, whether you are a new business/website or your SEO agency are still working on delivering organic results, Pay Per Click allows you achieve success quickly and cost effectively with the right management.

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  • Drive instant, targeted traffic
  • Push (advertise) only the products and services you wish
  • Geo-targeted advertising
  • Immediate results
  • First page visiblity at minimal cost
  • Effective trackability and measuring


Ever since switching to Clubnet Search Marketing, they have always delivered with each and every goal and continued to increase our brand awareness and paid search revenue stream delivering a more than satisfactory ROI.

Social Media Marketing

searchWith the useage of social media increasing every day and the likes of Facebook and Twitter staying in touch with web domination along with the likes of Google, you'd be a fool to ignore the power of social media for your business.

Learn how we can help develop your brands visibility in social media and build a following or create viral growth and social sharing for your business.

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  • Interact and engage with your customers
  • Create buzz about your brand, products or services
  • Track who likes you and who doesn't
  • Encourage social sharing of your content


We began using Clubnet Search Marketing to manage our social media channels purely as we had little available knowledge or time in-house to do so. Within weeks, Geoff had built an engaging group of fans on Twitter and Facebook who were taking a real interest in our product and led to many sales....

Local Search Marketing

searchWith so much prominence placed on local search results, optimising for the local related terms has become ever so important and can mean instant first page results for your business increasing traffic by 4000% in some cases.

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  • First page results without the SEO
  • Be found by your local audiences
  • Rank for searches containing your city/town


We were on page 50+ for our local keywords before hiring Clubnet Search Marketing and within three weeks, we were on the first page of Google Maps and our traffic for the target keyword was increased by over 750% Amazing difference from local search experts!

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