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Adding Your Business to Bing UK Maps

By on 20 May 2010 @ 6:42 AM.

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Up until recently, it has proven somewhat difficult to add a non US business to Bing's local business listings so that it appears on Bing Maps but now, recently discussed over at Search Engine Land, Bing have released a system offering local business listings to UK based small businesses. Bing's maps system uses what was formerly MultiMap which they bought out back in 2007, but as pointed out by Matt McGee on his Search Engine Land article, in an "odd arrangement", Bing have selected to outsource their data management for UK business listings to a third party named 118 information.

If you would like to get your business listing on Bing, then head over to their newly launched Bing For Business website which invites users to submit their business for local listings, register your website and submit your sitemap for search engine optimisation on Bing as well as sign up to their paid search platform to display sponsored ads alongside the organic search engine results.

Bing For Business

It appears that the third party company that will manage the UK business data for Bing also manages the business listings on many other UK business directories including with the most notable including 118118, BT, Scoot, Yahoo! and Touch Local. They assure businesses that by submitting your business to them, "We guarantee your business will be listed... everywhere." If you would like to add your business, then you can do so here.

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Update: You can now list your business on Bing without having to go via any third party companies now which will suit most of you, you can get started over at the Bing Business Portal which is currently in Beta.

Update: Upon contacting Bing's technical support team regarding difficulties adding UK business listings via their Bing Business Portal, we received confirmation that it is still not possible to add via their new portal. We receive the below response from them:-

It appears that you're referring a UK listing. Unfortunately, Bing Business Portal is only available in United States. This is the main reason you're having issues verifying your listing. For this matter, you will need to contact our listing provider for UK which is Market Location. Please visit www.marketlocation.com for details.

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Environmental Consultants

Posted by Environmental Consultants

I submitted my business details to the 3rd party company some months ago and I am still not listed. Don't waste you time with 118 information. No joy what so ever, I have 3 offices that I registered and non have appeared on bing maps.

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