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[INFOGRAPHIC] Concern Rising Over Real Negative SEO Threat

By on 23 November 2012 @ 9:10 AM.

Tags: infographics, seo, negative seo.

In addition to all of the concern regarding Google's ever changing search engine optimization rules, with their latest update and crackdown on low-quality linkbacks, webmasters now should also be concerned about negative SEO tactics. Using Pool-Cleaning-Houston.com, the owners of the site, TastyPlacement recently ran a test to determine if black hat SEO tactics could drop a website's search engine ranking. The results showed that within a small amount of time, for a minimal amount of money, using trash links competitors could drive down a website's search engine ranking.

TastyPlacement spent a mere $45 to purchase over 55,000 trash links with the anchor text "Pool Cleaning Houston." The results showed a massive drop in search engine ranking for the website, which ended up taking it from page one to page two of search results. In addition, not only did the ranking of the website drop for searches for the keywords "Pool Cleaning Houston," it also dropped the ranking of the website for 26 of 51 related keyword searches. The alarming results of this test show that with a very small amount of money and time, just about anyone can significantly disrupt the search engine rankings of most small business websites.

Testing Negative SEO Infographic

About the Author

Original study & infographic by TastyPlacement, an Austin SEO company.


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