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Digital & Search Marketing Services

Clubnet Search Marketing are a complete interactive search marketing agency and can comfortably deliver a wide range of digital services to businesses in any industry sector.

Browse the range of core services we have to offer below, all of our clients receive bespoke and tailored packages and management programmes to suit their individual requirements.

We belive in complete transparency and honesty at Clubnet Search Marketing unlike 95% of the online marketing/SEO industry, which is why we have tried to include as much detail as possible on our website, whether it is how much a particular service may cost through to what you can expect from us with any of our service.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries that you cannot find answered onsite.

Service Classification

As we offer a wide range of services, we have classified each under a parent classification which each of our services falls under, this theme is applied throughout our site to help you understand how the service is related to others and whether is the most appropriate service you are looking for.



Nearly everything online is found by some form of a search engine or other similarly based algorithm/formula. Any service we provide that revolves around the study, research and understanding of a search algorithm and requires the movement in rankings in a search engine results based interface is classified under 'Search'.

  • Search Engine Optimisation - Optimising your website, onsite and offsite, to improve your rankings in search engines and enhance your customers experience with your company.
  • SEO Consultancy - If you are pretty 'tech-savvy' and have the available resources in-house to carry out the leg-work then consider using us on a consultancy basis where we will advise and make recommendations for you to implement.
  • SEO Copywriting - Writing copy shouldn't be for search engines, it should be for people. Unique and quality content will be read, shared and liked... And subsequently will prove far more valueable than nonsensical dribble.
  • Pay Per Click (Paid Search) - PPC is using an advertising platform to display your ads for certain keywords using an ad auction formula. When managed effectively, can deliver a rewarding return for your investment.
  • Link Building - Link building or link acquisition is the process of acquiring backlinks to your website and it's pages. An extremely difficult and time consuming process on the web today and riddled with so many thousands of spammy websites everyday makes this more difficult still.



More and more focus is being placed on the social elements of the web because the popularity of content on the web is fast becoming one of the most accurate ways of determining it's value. Any of our services that require the use of social media/network websites and/or requires interaction with others you can find classified under 'Social'.

  • Social Media Marketing/Optimisation - Whether managing your companies' social media channels, promoting a brand/product, increasing Twitter 'followers' or Facebook 'likes', this would all be some form of social media marketing.
  • Social Bookmarking - Using bookmarking websites and building up a network of friends that regularly check your bookmarks can be a very effective method of driving traffic to your website.
  • Reputation Management - Managing your business reputation uses a variety of tools and resources to monitor and record what is being said about you and engaging with customers to ensure your reputation is kept at a satisfactory level.
  • Competitor Monitoring - Monitoring competitors can be key to ensuring that you are staying at the top of the game where it matters, in your industry. Whether monitoring onsite changes and producing direct competitor reports with the results or just tracking sales, promotions and new product ranges so that you can equally compete at any given time, you can be assured that this service will really maintain your leadership in your field.



Whilst a large chunk of online work for your business may be the physical designing, implementation and optimisation of your brand, products and/or services, it's what comes next that really matters. Our 'Insight' classification groups together any services that track, record, monitor and analyse progression and results from any work carried out.

  • Web Analytics - There are many analytic platforms that can produce a wide variety of statistics and other data. Knowing how to read them, create reports and drill down certain site behaviour is what really matters so you can adjust your strategy to suit.
  • Reputation Management - Managing your business reputation uses a variety of tools and resources to monitor and record what is being said about you and engaging with customers to ensure your reputation is kept at a satisfactory level.
  • Traffic Analysis - Although comes under web analytics, analysing traffic can be a service in itself. Understanding traffic behaviour and traffic patterns can be key to determining your next move and strategy going forwards.



We believe that 'Commerce' should have it's own classification as designing or marketing for ecommerce websites or other retail and commerce based businesses requires a different set of methodologies and processes. Typically a potential customer is further through the 'buying process' (although not always) and website/graphic design, page layout and optimisation should be tailored for the specific visitor. Whilst this will mostly refer to ecommerce, anything etail based will be classified here.

  • Ecommerce Optimisation - Optimising an ecommerce website can require a much more technical level of SEO to ensure it's pages perform to the best of their ability in the search engines. Our expertise and specialist background in ecommerce can really help you get the most out of your ecommerce website.
  • Ecommerce Design - With so much competition within various web marketplaces, it is critical that your ecommerce website gives your customer the best experience possible. High end design skills and ecommerce expertise will play a vital role in delivering what your shoppers want and expect from an ecommerce website.



Any service we package up and offer that requires visual interaction falls under this classification. The process of forming a powerful identity online starts in the very early stages when discussing and laying out a design/development strategy. All services within this classification are carried out under our sister company 'Clubnet Creations' where we specialise in all design, art and print related services.

  • Website Design - Building an effective and visually impressive design focusing around a company brand requires an extensive understanding and knowledge of many computer languages, technologies, up to date familiarisation with current trends and the creativity and vision to deliver. Whether you have an existing website or not, whether you're looking for a revamp or are after a new website, whether you want a bespoke solution or already have in mind an opensource platform that you wish to use and/are familiar with - we can help!
  • Website Development
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • CMS Design
  • Blog Design

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