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Copywriting / SEO Copywriting

Writing copy is an art, some people can write naturally, others will struggle to write much about topics that they are passionate about. Unfortunately, it's one of many area's on the web that has been abused to manipulate search engines, even now, so many people seem to think that copy should be wrote for search engines, contain the right frequency of keywords and be overly stuffed with nonsensical rubbish and over-spammy keywords.

Search engine algorithms are far cleverer than that now and will naturally reward well written, unique content that is wrote for humans and not created to trick search engines into ranking their pages.

The skill required comes from determining the balance between what a search engine factors in when ranking pages and what people want to read and what style they expect the content to come in, which naturally differs between the type of website and its target visitor.

Creating quality content that web user's will naturally want to link to is referred to as creating link bait and plays a large role in our link building service and over 90% of our client's SEO programmes where include a combination of copywriting/link bait with link building.

SEO Copywriting Vs Traditional Copywriting

Whilst it is arguable that "SEO copywriting" even exists, it still yields over 6,500 exact match searches on Google every month. But what truly is SEO copywriting? Shouldn't copywriting (in any form) always be about writing for your customers, writing for your target audience? It is, and at least, it should be.

It's unfortunate, that like most things on the web, link building and copywriting is 'gamed' by many most in the SEO industry to manipulate search engines into ranking pages higher for target keywords. Whilst 'SEO copywriting' requires a knowledge and understanding of search engine optimisation in order to grasp what it takes for web content to be rewarded with naturally high rankings, page copy wrote for it's intended audience, should naturally feature the keywords the page will need to be ranking for along with matching high on a relevancy score with any related search queries to the page's content. Search engines such as Google are actively improving their algorithms to distinguish between copy wrote specifically to 'game' the system and genuine, unique and valueable content for the benefit of its readers.

Copywriting, should be just that. There doesn't need to be any extra acronym before or after. Professional copywriting, will naturally be rankable and linkworthy along with all the factors Google will take into consideration before issuing page weight and authority.

Break Down of Online Copywriting with the Four L's

Legibility: Copy has to be legible, not only from the view of readers needing to be able to actually read your content, but also from the view that poorly written and/or illegible copy will not install any trust or confidence in your audience towards your business.

Layout: It is important to understand the layout of the copy as well as every other element on the page as this will play a role in how your copy is received. Well formatted, easily digestible copy that doesn't fight for attention on a page requires experience to perfect.

Language: Always try your best to ensure you are perfecting copy in the spoken language of your intended audience, quite often, this will require using a native speaker of said language to ensure sentences and words are constructed correctly. Using an online translation service won't be perfect.

Logic: The logic used in copy will differ based on audiences but it is important to understand the target market, identify what makes them convert, what engagement metrics will prove a success and so forth. Connecting with the readers of your copy on an emotional level and from a logical perspective tends to drive a higher level of engagement and can ultimately prove to be the bigger conversion driver.

Where Do We Fit In?

Perfecting copy is critical, both online and offline. It is important to portray the right message to the right audience whilst efficiently looking after all the factors involved in driving success through appropriate copy techniques.

Below is a collection of web and print examples where we have ample experience in writing copy:-

  • Website Pages (Sales, Information, Landing)
  • Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets
  • Guides, Tutorials, Manuals
  • Blog Content, Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing / Newsletters
  • Magazines, Newspapers
  • Ecommerce, Product Descriptions / Information

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What is it?

Copywriting is the term used when writing copy for websites, articles, newspapers and any other medium intended for print. Copy is text, and web pages online that contain text are referred to as page copy.

A copywriter, writing professional copy for a website, is generally the term used when a promotional, sales or marketing piece of content is required.

Professional copywriters will have excellent use of vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling. A knowledge of human psychology and the ability to understand how to write in appropriate tones for the intended readers is vital to succeeding in producing excellent copy for a website.

Why You Need It?

Writing professional and perfect copy does not come naturally to everyone, in fact, it doesn't come naturally for most people. Yet it is a critical process of maintaining / setting up a website that can make or break a conversion.

There is nothing more 'off-putting' than trying to read content on a website that is poorly worded, uses incorrect spelling and bad grammar and certainly does not install trust in the consumer to purchase from a website such as this.

How we work?

We have one member of our team with the job title of copywriter and a further two more that are capable of carrying out copywriting services. We have a number of years experience producing professional copy in the form of articles/blog posts, business service pages, other website pages, email newsletters, ecommerce products and descriptions, ecommerce brand pages, Wikipedia entries amongst many other varieties.

How much will it cost?

There are no set prices for our copywriting services as will depend on how much copy needs to be provided and how much research into the topic will be required.

We can write unique articles on pretty much any subject however from £12.50 per article, we can also professionally and uniquely write product descriptions for ecommerce websites starting from £3 per description.







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