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Link Building & Link Acquisition

Building links to websites has always been at the forefront of any online SEO strategy. And, along with everything else overtime, subsequently resulted in an endless stream of manipulative bots/scripts and spam. Only recently have we seen some real significant algorithm updates from Google to combat the masses of low quality garbage cluttering the web and whilst many refer to link building as a process in itself, there is much more to link building that taps into other marketing methodologies meaning that 'link building' isn't always an accurate description of what would be included in a legitimate link building campaign.

Link Bait

Link baiting is really want we at Clubnet Search Marketing are talking about with a link building campaign. Google is far wiser in the last two to three years and can identify the difference between an unrelated/irrelevant 'dodgy' link on a low quality website and an in-context, appropriate helpful link on another website. Building tons of low quality/spammy links just won't cut it as part of an online strategy these days. Content has to be quality, content has to be worthy, content has to be interesting and appeal to your target market. If it isn't, there's no place for you in the search engines and through latent semantic indexing (LSI), Google are only too aware of identifying manipulative tactics attempted to boost search engine rankings and this process is only going to get tighter.

So, what defines "quality content" you may ask? What many fail to understand is the importance of writing for human beings, genuine visitors to a website that may well be interested in your product and services. It is critical for any business owner to understand their target market, know what they want to see on your website and identify what will be seen as valueable and shareworthy content.

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What is it?

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks to pages of your website. The process has grown in complexity over the years and now requires a high level of experience, understanding and skill to determine valueable link opportunities amongst the millions of junk online.

Creating link bait is one of the most successful methods of acquiring natural links as web users will naturally want to link to it.

Why You Need It?

In most cases, a website is not going to rank well for any money-value terms without links. Whilst algorithms change and methods used to determine link quality evolve, a fundamental requirement as part of search engine optimisation will require backlinks to the page you are trying to rank.

Nearly every website owner requires an element of link building, targets and goals may differ somewhat however.

How we work?

As mentioned, everything we do as part of our link building process is carried out in-house and we can assure you will not harm your website in the future.

We have over 100 different factors when building links from how we seek link opportunities to how to determine the value of a link.

All our SEO programmes include link building, this service can be often combined with SEO copywriting as well and depending on the size of your programme will determine whether we will create link bait and quality content or build a natural flow of links from blogs, forums, directory, networks and other sources as appropriate.

Please contact us if you would like any further information on how we carry out our link building work

How much will it cost?

Link building services can vary depending on a range of criteria, it's rarely as simple as quoting a fixed fee for 100 or 200 links say for example.

Factors considered in the service (which essentially is based on how many man hours will be required each month) includes competitiveness, industry, opportunities and objectives.

It's easy for most other SEO agencies to give a fixed fee on this kind of work as most of them use paid blog networks which are known as content farms / link farms (which will get your site penalised or blacklisted in the search engines over time) so there is no time spent acquiring links.

We can ensure all our link building is conducted ethically, manually and carried out in-house (instead of outsourced to the far east). Monthly prices from £299.







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