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Local Search Marketing

Over the last two years, more and more prominence has been placed on local search results, with many search engines attempting to serve more relevant results by displaying businesses ranked by proximity to you. And even more recently, search engines have started displaying maps results at the top of the search engine rankings

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The local search algorithms use a different set of criteria to the web search results, it takes an experienced local search marketer and someone that constantly researches and works on map listings to understand what is required to out-rank competitors improve rankings - especially given the amount of changes and improvements Google have recently made to their Google Places platform for example.

As Google still retain the majority of web search, it is this search engine that 95% of businesses are only ever primarily worried about ranking for and subsequently, most businesses are listed on Google Maps and require Google Places optimisation.

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What is it?

Local search marketing (also referred to as 'Local SEO', 'Local Search Optimisation' and 'Google Places Optimisation'), is increasing the visiblity of your business in local listings which could be maps listings in search engines (Google Places), local business directories (Free Index), city guides / rating and review sites (Yelp) or geo-based services (Foursquare, Gowalla).

Why You Need It?

The need to be visible on the web for location based search queries is proving more and more important with so many web based searches giving prominence to local results and improving algorithms to display results based on relevancy and proximity).

If you only offer your service to your local area, then ranking for your keyword + your town/city is going to be far more valueable than ranking for your keyword for searchers 450 miles from you.

How we work?

We manage the listing creation and optimisation on numerous websites where you can have your business listed. Most of these will be highly optimised for your targets plus contain backlink(s) to your website. From our local search expertise and invovlement, we have our own tools, resources and lists of websites used to rank and pass weight for local search.

We work with the client to develop engaging, informative and accurate business listings on the web and pass on the neccessary information for the client to request from their customers.

Over time, this builds a excellent online portfolio and image of their business. These are exactly the kind of businesses that the likes of Google want to be displaying to their users.

How much will it cost?

Ranking well for algorithmic based local listings requires much more effort than a year or two ago. After numerous research and testing, we have come up with local search marketing packages from £149 which include everything from creating business profiles on the web through to assisting you with gaining reviews and developing credbility online, all of which works towards great rankings in the search engines.







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